Day Six

As of this morning at 9am, my records show you have just 30 Hours left. The earliest tour of Red Square available doesn't start until 1pm, so maximize your time by taking lunch at 11am. Who knows when there will be a chance to eat later.

Unlike being in Europe, it's substantially more challenging to get around in Russia because not only is the language different, but so is the alphabet. I've looked up the most popular items on the local menu, but have no idea what they actually are. You'll need 250Mb of data to translate them:
  • I learned that Пельмени is the national dish, but I couldn't tell ya what's in it 
  • Борщ Московский
  • Блины
  • пончики
  • Пастила

Your tour will go until 3pm and end at Spasskaya Tower where the clock in the postcard is located. The cost is ₽700 ($11). On top of the tower gate there is a sign with an inscription. It includes the year 1491—the same year shown on the Moscow postcard. I doubt that's a coincidence. Use 250Mb to translate the inscription.
Иван Васильевич, по милости Божией великий князь владимирский, московский, новгородский, тверский, псковский, вятский, югорский, пермский, булгарский, а по другим причинам - из всех Раксисов, года 30 их правления, эти башни он совершил [поручение] Пьетро Антонио Солари из Милана в первый день марта 1491 года.