Great job sweet-talking your way into the Musee d'Orsay without paying. Whether or not you earned a few dollars busking, you'll need more money if you are to go to 2 more cities without sleeping on the streets. And no, sleeping on the streets is not an option. It would attract too much attention and could get you arrested.

The quickest way to score some euros will be to offer your artistic services on the sidewalk outside the museum. You don't need talent. You only need chutzpah! Just 2 caricatures at €20 will yield €40 (about $43.50)
  • Grab your travel journal and a pen or ask for paper and pen/pencil at the museum's information desk
  • Choose a famous artist 
  • Come up with a fake name for yourself, claiming you are a descendant of your chosen famous artist
  • Use 250Mb in data to look up how to say in French, "Caricatures by a descendant of _____(insert famous artist's name)____ only €20!"
  • Get scribbling!
Click here after you've created your masterpiece.