Hofbräuhaus - 100 years ago and now
It seems a bit premature to order a celebratory drink while the cryptex clock is still ticking, but I don't think there's any other choice. While you were waiting for the Rathaus-Glockenspiel to strike 12, I called the Hofbräuhaus to inquire if they served something called a Ritterschlüssel.

After putting me on hold, transferring me more than once, and grilling me mercilessly for more than forty minutes, they decided I was legit, and they okayed you to order the drink, provided you give the code phrase agreed upon. The cost is €15 which is nearly $17—just about all you have left if you didn't busk in London or sell any caricatures in Paris. By the time you walk over to the royal brewery known as the Hofbräuhaus, there will be only about 2 Hours & 30 minutes left, so make every second count.

The moment you walk in the beer hall, order a Ritterschlüssel. When the awaiting bartender asks how you take the drink, reply, "I take it seriously."
Ritterschlüssel -
a dark lager served in an Ocademy stein!

Please drink it quickly. There's no time to do otherwise.

Whoa! What's that case submerged in the stein? Open it up and unroll the little scroll.