Email from Sophia

Below is the original email from Rosa asking for help. Click on it to enlarge it.

Our Knaights are off on a rescue campaign in a cataclysmic realm, but responded to Sophia letting her know they would do all within their power to find someone to assist her and safeguard the cryptex that could be the most significant find in modern history.

If you are willing to take up the quest, email Rosa a photo of a SUNFLOWER or ROSE to . In the subject line, simply type: YES!

Please include in your message your name as a quester and/or the name of your Cadrix if you are questing as part of a team.

Rosa is waiting by the computer and will likely respond within about 30 seconds. If nothing comes through, please refresh your browser tab. For reasons of email security and to avoid a trail, she will only send a single response. She will conduct the bulk of her interactions with you via this encrypted site.