What's in a name?

Hi, it's Rosa here. Thanks so much for volunteering to help with my potentially disastrous situation. Since writing to the Knaights, I've tried opening the cryptex using Sophia's name as the password, both forward and backward. I even tried the word wisdom—the meaning of the name Sophia—since (like "Sophia") it has 6 letters and there are 6 letters on the cryptex. Nothing's worked.

In frustration, I pored over the only book I could find on Saliolum, the holiday that originated with the observance of Sophia's leap. It's just a short modern pamphlet, but the good news is, it contains the first real lead we have as to where to start. Excuse me if I am cryptic when writing to you. I've been instructed to be overly cautious to ensure my communiques do not contain too many words or clues that could raise flags. You see, there are scores of Cryptex Crusaders across the globe who are actively searching for the cryptex.

Back to the Saliolum bookletlook for anything that might be considered trivial, especially as applies to where to go first on your quest. The booklet reference "You can still read about her there to this day" suggests you are looking for a library located at the place built in Sophia's name by the emperor mentioned. Let me know below what you come up with.

Good luck! I'm counting on you!


P.S. When using the forms I've inserted as a way for us to communicate undetected, you may at times encounter nothing but a blank page after hitting the "submit" button. If that happens, simply scroll up or down and you'll find the text and link indicating your next step. Don't let the blanks fool you! And if you see a "submit another response" option, disregard and move on.