Day Three

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Good morning! Ready for Day 3 of our quest?

Make sure you avail yourself of that free breakfast offered before departing. Expect a typical Czech meal consisting of a slice of rye bread or a roll (rohlík) with a spread such as butter, jelly, or honey, or perhaps a slice of cheese or meat such as salami or ham, along with a cup of hot tea flavored with either sugar or honey and possibly lemon.

TEDIOUS DETAILS for those who are keeping track 
As you dine, use 250Mb of your data to look up how to ask for the bus that leads from Prague's City Centre back to the airport. The cost for the bus is Kč69. Catch it at 9am to arrive at the airport at 9:30am, 2 hours before your flight which leaves at 11:30am, arriving at London Heathrow at 1:35pm. When you arrive at Heathrow, exchange a bit of currency. At the moment $1 = £.77 (Pound sterling). If you wish to exchange some of your Czech Koruna, Kč1 = £.034. (There is only a one-hour time difference between Prague and London, and as mentioned previously, we are not factoring in time changes since the cryptex just keeps on ticking.)

* * *
There's something else I should mention. Not to worry you, but I received an alert saying there was some unusual activity on my email account. I pray I've not been hacked. As a safety precaution, answer the following riddle to prove you're a human (or a reasonable facsimile):

 [If you desperately need a hint, unscramble the letters in the upside-down image directly above]