London Town

Whew! You answered the riddle correctly. Now we can move on. Did you pack a magnifying glass? You'll need it to view the tiny image up in the right corner. You may purchase a magnifying glass in the Heathrow gift shoppe for £15(...or you could simply click on the image to enlarge it 😉) The numbers written in the image indicate where you will be staying in town. Googling the numbers (with a space between each group of numbers) should use 100Mb of data as well as give you the name of your hotel.

My email account has been secured, however I've been apprised by the Knaights there is a good chance someone might be following you. Thus, you'll need to bide your time today and keep moving while the live video provided by your fairyfly companion helps me keep an eye on you from this end. Take note of anyone who looks suspicious or whom you recognize as being in places you visited throughout the day.

I've arranged for you to spend the day as follows. Apologies for the rain:
  • From Heathrow airport, take the train and Tube according to the route shown at this link. [It should take you 35 minutes to get to your destination and cost £9.25
  • If you failed to pack a brolly, purchase one from one of the street vendors outside the hotel. [The brolly should cost £10]. If you don't know what a brolly is, consider purchasing an English>English dictionary!
  • Once you've checked in at your hotel, grab a cab outside the hotel and ask them to take you to Brown's Hotel for afternoon tea at 3:30pm. [It will take less than 15 minutes. and cost £8.50
  • While at tea, get acclimated to the area by taking a 360° tour of the city. For the sake of yourself and those around you, I recommend watching with the sound off
  • At 5:30pm hail a cab and ask them to take you from Brown's to the London Eye. [It should take 15 minutes and cost £8.50]
  • From 6-6:30pm enjoy the incomparable view from the London Eye, paying particular attention to anyone below who may be watching you. (I've pre-paid for you and your reservation is under the name Chris Smythe which sounds suitably nondescript) 
  • At 6:30 hail a cab going from the London Eye to St. Martin's Theatre in London's famed West End. [The ride should take under 30 minutes and cost £12]
  • You should arrive at the theater at 7pm, in plenty of time for a performance of The Mousetrap, Agatha Christie's play that holds the distinction of being the longest-running play in history, having opened in 1952. Your 7:30 performance will last 2 hours & 40 minutes including an intermission
  • After the show, you may choose either to take a cab or walk back to the hotel. [Either choice will take less than 15 minutes. The cab fare will run £7]
  • When you arrive back at the hotel, please answer the questions below to ensure all went as planned and that you were not followed. Thereafter, have a good sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow