Day Four

Another 24 hours has passed. According to my calculations, that gives us just 78 Hours to open the cryptex, with 3 cities down (including Istanbul), 3 to go. We'll be calling it close, but there's hope.

After spending yesterday ensuring you weren't tailed, we need to make up for lost time today. Per the postcards, you need to check out Big Ben. The only problem is, tours of the inside of the tower are only available to UK residents as arranged by a member of Parliament. I've managed to get you in on a tour, but you'll have to feign a British dialect.

Please call the Ocademy at ‪(929) 466-6457‬ and leave a voicemail message saying a sentence or two in your best British accent. If prompted to give your name, say QUEST and you'll be able to leave a message. If I do not return your call, you're okay to continue on and take the tour, as videotaped below:

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