Your exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Big Ben completed, it's time to grab lunch in preparation of heading to Paris. Fortunately, the trip to France is short, especially when traveling by Eurostar train.

Stroll over to the popular nearby St. Stephens Tavern where they are offering a great deal on fish & chips today.

This might be a good time for me to mention that in going over your funds, I found you're running low, but I have a solution. After lunch (before jumping on the Tube that is conveniently located at St. Stephens) take a few minutes to busk for some extra money. Should you not know what busking is, consult that English>English dictionary I mentioned previously, or watch the video below!

For example, if you make £5 per song and sing 7 songs each lasting about 2 minutes, you'll end up earning £35. Not bad for about 30 minutes of work, including breaks between songs!